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The Polish producer of chokeberry juice is looking for suppliers of chokeberry products such as: candied chokeberry, powdered chokeberry, dried chokeberry. It could be a producer or a distributor.

The entrepreneur  with almost 8 year-long experience on the food market is an owner of an ecological plantation of chokeberry in North-Eastern Poland.  The company provides chokeberry fruits  which are used for production of chokeberry juice, chokeberry extract (in pills), bio-jam of chokeberry, chokeberry fibre organic and also cosmetics such as: soothing cream for hands, body lotion reinforcing vessels, soothing tonic for face, moisturizing and strengthening cream, anti-wrinkle and strengthening cream.  At present, his products are sold in many shops, mostly located in regional markets and ecological shops. The entrepreneur has mostly foreign customers. He has a plantation of chokeberry which are used in juice production and other products. Because he uses all his chokeberry fruits to this production, he needs to find a manufacturer of different products from chokeberry to broaden his range of products.  The entrepreneur is looking for manufacturers of chokeberry products such as candied chokeberry, powdered chokeberry, dried chokeberry as he wishes to broaden his range of products. As the company's whole production process has the necessary ECO certificates, it is vital that potential partners can also supply certified organic products.
The entrepreneur wishes to cooperate as a distributor for chokeberry products in Poland.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Friday, 4 November, 2022