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Market development in Brazil

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Business development agent offers its services for interested companies to enter Brazilian market

Relevant Information of the Proposal:

I am in the center of the western area of the State of São Paulo, which is the richest and most populated state in Brazil, and I have the potential to interact closely with a vast chain of industries and entrepreneurs (in addition to being able to operate throughout Brazil).

With a vast chain of industries in different sectors, which may be of interest to international entrepreneurs, the focus is to be the business center for entrepreneurs from your country in Brazil (in addition to being a base for operations throughout Brazil).

The Government of the State of São Paulo defined Administrative Regions for incentive and investment in specific chains of industries, and for the central positioning of my location, there is the potential to reach 6 Administrative Regions with the following characteristics:

1 - Ribeirão Preto: Five development poles created: 1 - Food and Beverage; 2 - Biofuels; 3 - Metal-Metallurgy, Machinery and Equipment; 4 - Health and Pharma; 5 - Tech (Agritech, Aerospace, Technological Services).

2 - São José do Rio Preto: Three development poles created: 1 - Food and Beverage; 2 - Biofuels; and 3 - Health and Pharma.

3 - Araçatuba: Two development poles created: 1 - Biofuels, 2 - Leather and footwear.

4 - Bauru: Five development poles created: 1 - Food and Beverage; 2 - Biofuels; 3 - Leathers and shoes; 4 - Petroleum and petrochemical derivatives; 5 - Paper, cellulose and reforestation.

5 - Marília: Two development poles created: 1 - Food and Beverage, 2 - Paper, cellulose and reforestation.

6 - Presidente Prudente: One development pole created: 1 - Biofuels.

In these Administrative Regions, described above, there are 307 municipalities of the 645 municipalities in the entire state (where there are 6.598.357 citizens).

(note: Information on Administrative Regions was researched from the São Paulo State Government platform "Desenvolver São Paulo" -


Brief Knowledge of the State of São Paulo / Brazil:


The economy of the State of São Paulo is developed and has the highest GDP among Brazilian states, producing, in 2020, around R$ 2.326 trillion (approximately US$ 447,308 billion). This represents 31.6% of the national GDP, and has the second highest GDP per capita in the country, with R$ 48,542.24 in 2018.

As the richest and most populous state in Brazil, it is the main financial center in the country and one of the main centers in the world. The third largest economy and the third largest consumer market in Latin America. It ranks 21st in the ranking of the largest economies on the planet, ahead of countries such as Argentina, Belgium, Chile and Singapore. Thanks to its enormous economic strength, the State of São Paulo is known as "the locomotive of Brazil".

Currently, the State of São Paulo is responsible for 28.6% of the industrialized products manufactured in Brazil.


I have extensive knowledge and experience of the Brazilian market:


In the 1990's I worked with mechanical engineering, in projects of installation and maintenance of air conditioning and mechanical exhaust.

In addition to the private market, I also participated in public tenders, mainly for the telephony sector.

I developed the company's reengineering plan, creating conditions to act more effectively in the market.

In the 2000’s, I worked with social projects, focusing on generating income for needy communities, with Sustainable Tourism being the basis for generating income for residents.

I also participated for two terms as Vice President of the Parelheiros Security Council, a region with one of the worst HDI in the city of São Paulo. Period in which projects aimed at mitigating social problems were implemented.

Then I was invited to be Municipal Secretary of Tourism and Environment of a city in the State of São Paulo, where I implemented projects and programs for environmental awareness and protection.

From 2016 onwards I focused on the international market, intermediating negotiations for international entrepreneurs interested in seeking commercial partners in Brazil.

I also started to study the Brazilian market, aiming to detect potential business in the Brazilian market.

I am the author of the Literary Work "Basic Knowledge of the Salesperson – Marketing Paradigms" (Registered in the National Library of Brazil).


Services for international entrepreneurs in the Brazilian market that I already offer:

• Business representation

• Market opening

• Seeks targeted business partnerships

• Information Search

• Analysis and development of segmented projects

• Marketing strategy

• Copywriting

• Texts for companies and blogs

(Note: ease of communication to approach potential target customers)


Professional Experience:

A - Business Development Agent - Freelance -· 5 years and 11 months.

Since 2016 I have been studying the Brazilian market to detect the main future potentials.

Brazil, being a huge and populous country (it is the sixth most populous country in the world), presents several opportunities that can be explored.

With ease of communication, I manage to bring international companies and entrepreneurs closer to major players in Brazil, always conducting a negotiation clearly and honestly.

I have often been contacted by foreign companies to monitor negotiations with national companies, gathering information about the Brazilian company in order to avoid wasting time and attest to the negotiation capacity.

Some Trades Done:

- International negotiation for the sale of energy generation technology from the capture of methane gas from landfills.

- International animal protein trading for the Middle East.

- Trading soy and corn for human consumption to the Middle East.

There are also currently some projects with high growth potential, as they have strategies that promote advantageous differentials. Namely:

1 - Best 4 Pet Company Strategies – Production for the third largest market in the world with a production cost below competing companies.

2 - Distribution Center in Brazil – this Distribution Center has a strategy that allows it to reach half of the cities of the richest state in Brazil in up to 2 hours by truck.

3 - Mercosur Portal Strategies - Cryptocurrency for Companies - develops conditions for the use of cryptocurrency in negotiations between companies of Mercosur countries, which is a trade agreement between South American countries.


- Municipal Secretary of Tourism and Environment - Cafelândia City Hall - 1 year 1 month.

Proposals presented by the Municipal Department of Tourism and Environment that were approved by the city for implementation:

• Preparation of the Sustainable Development Plan for Cafelândia, with tourism as a potential driver of the local economy.

• Project approved to receive investment from the State Water Resources Fund (FEHIDRO) for “Restructuring of the Cafelândia Garbage Recycling and Composting Plant”.

• School Garden Project implemented at Professor Antônio Rubi Gimenes school, in partnership with the Department of Education.

• Project presented and approved to comply with the Environmental Recovery Commitment Terms (TCRA), with the planting of 4,932 seedlings of native trees.

• Explanatory lectures given to students from the municipal school system on World Water Day and World Environment Day.

• Explanatory lectures on Recycling and the Importance of Flora in Urban Life for residents participating in the Reference and Social Assistance Center (CRAS).
• Explanation Workshops were held, talking about the Sustainable Development Plan of Cafelândia, about the potential of tourism for the development of a region, and about how citizens could integrate the network of associations of local tourism, leading to the elaboration of the first Official Roadmap of Tourism of Cafelândia.

Some proposals presented by the Municipal Department of Tourism and Environment that were not approved by the city for implementation:

• Preparation of the Municipal Basic Sanitation Plan.

• Study of the regional potential for the use of clean energy (wind and solar).

• Acquisition of a machine to crush waste from construction and renovation of buildings.

• Acquisition of a machine to crush branches and leaves for the production of organic fertilizer.

• Participation of CIMA (Intermunicipal Environment Council).

• Structuring of the new sanitary landfill.

• Structuring the seedling nursery in the municipality.

• Implementation of the Municipal Water and Sewage Authority.

C – Designer and manager of sustainable development projects for communities - National Adventure Sports League - 8 years

Projects that I developed and I was Coordinator in the Implementation:

• Organization of Tourism Agents (Implementation of the Network of Regional Associativism).

• Training of Tourism Monitors in the Capivari Monos Environmental Protection Area.

• Survey and Mapping of Properties that are part of the Regional Associativism Network.

• Protection of the Historical and Archaeological Heritage “Colônia Crater” (Mirim Environmental Brigade).

• Art Education Workshops for students from the Public Education Network (“São Paulo é uma Escola” program).

D - Negotiation of engineering works - Contec Engineering - 9 years

Installation and maintenance of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation.

Development of the company's reengineering plan, aiming to cohesively define the interaction between the company's departments to improve the control of materials used by each work (installation and maintenance), direct the sales department to segment the performance in order to improve the return, a monitoring system was created for all the company's departments to facilitate management by directors.

Participation in negotiations with major players in the market such as hospitals, shopping malls, car manufacturers, telephone companies, also participating in several public bids.

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Luiz Teixeira
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fabricasbrasileiras [at]
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Saturday, 3 June, 2023