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SEEmeet Slovenia 2020

Brokerage event
27 Manufacture of electrical equipment
21.10.2020 to 22.10.2020
Hotel City Maribor
peter [dot] ekart [at] mra [dot] si
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The 5th edition of SEE MEET, the 2-day international B2B event of Southeast Europe, will be organized on October 21st and 22nd in Maribor, Slovenia.

In just two days, participants get an opportunity to conduct up to 15 individual meetings with potential business partners, introduce themselves and establish contacts, or start a future project.

The organizers and their partners, will again attracted a wide array of companies both by their respective field of work or country of origin.

Focus of the event: energy efficiency, digitalization and ICT, processing industry (metal & plastic), electro industry, furniture industry, agro-food, tourism and other services 

The matchmaking event aims to initiate business and technology co-operations by offering pre-arranged 25-minute meetings. The basis for the meetings is an online catalogue containing all competence profiles of each participant. The event will be organized in form of pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings in combination with the half day conference and thematic lectures by selected keynote speaker. 

About SEEmeet
The idea of SEE MEET was born in 2014, when the first edition was organized in Radenci (Pomurje region) in Slovenia. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the event moved to Maribor and was even more successful and where it will be organized also in 2020.

The main goal was and remains - offering a platform for companies to establish new business connections. The focus of the event is to connect companies from Southeast Europe among themselves and with companies from Northwest Europe, thus becoming an important European business generating hotspot. This year we will have special attention on companies coming from the fields of energy efficiency, digitalization and ICT, processing industry (metal, plastic), agro-food and other services.

As a joint project, the event is organised by the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia - SPIRIT and 10 regions from Slovenia.

Registrations are open until 30th September. 

Late Bird - 149 EUR* - 7th July 2020 - 31st August 2020
Full Price - 189 EUR* - 1st September 2020 - 31st September 2020

The second and subsequent participant from the same company has a 20% lower registration fee. 

* 22 % VAT not included

• Entry to Business Conference and b2b meetings
• Up to 15 pre-arranged meetings over 2 days
• Thematic lectures
• Free Business Consulting (SPIRIT)
• A full meal and refreshments during the two days
• Social evening with dinner
• SEEmeet Slovenia 2020 online catalogue (registered participants with contacts)
• Matchmaking smartphone App (real time schedule)

If we are forced to switch the event to digital, the registration fee for all participants will be 89 EUR/participant (price is without VAT. The difference will be reimbursed by the organizer accordingly (check Terms and conditions for details -